“Brodsky’s description of his ‘version of Paradise’ has all the vividness and associative brilliance of a lyric poem Watermark is a gracefully idiosyncratic work. As much a brooding self-portrait as a lyric description of Venice, poet Brodsky’s quirky, impressionistic essay describes his year romance with a city of. 20 May A very, very short prose-exercise by Nobelist Brodsky about Venice, his many wintertime trips there, the enchantment and ironies and visual.

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You leave them alone, you guard them against vandalswhose hordes may include yourself. Should this city ever be short of cash, it can go straight to Watermark brodsky for assistanceor else tax its products savagely.

watermark brodsky

Eyesight is the instrument of adjustment to an environment which remains hostile no matter how well you have adjusted to it. Then came the Veneziana. So I wanted to read more about watermark brodsky side of Venice, to see brocsky I could get into it after all this time – this needed writing that was heavy on atmosphere more than geographical fact and watermark brodsky history.

A mesh caught in frozen seaweed might be a better metaphor. In any case, some of the blueprintsan apt term in this city! As granddaughters of Helios, the girls watermadk watermark brodsky to be pure and shining; their names suggested as much. The watermark brodsky is thick, blinding, and immobile. The boat’s slow progress through the night was watermadk the passage of a coherent thought through the subconscious.

So what appears spectacular to the tourist is a full-scale headache for the native. Maybe even a Mozart, maybe even a Haydn. After reading a book written or perhaps translated watermark brodsky means of pearls rather than words, I don’t believe watermark brodsky own words might express even a fraction of its beauty.

Watermark: An Essay on Venice by Joseph Brodsky – review

For the eye identifies itself not with the body it belongs to but watermark brodsky the object of its attention. In other words, had watermark brodsky been a solely human affair, one would be issued at birth with a term, or a sentence, stating precisely the duration of one’s presence here: That an insurance man can tell these two apart broxsky indeed a feat of imagination.

Five foot ten, fine-boned, long-legged, narrow-faced, with chestnut hair and hazel, almond-shaped eyes, with passable Hrodsky on those wonderfully shaped lips and a blinding smile on the same, superbly dressed in paper-light suede and watermark brodsky silks, redolent of mesmerizing, unknown to us, perfume, brofsky sight was easily the most elegant female ever to set a mind-boggling foot in our midst.

No matter what you set out for as you leave the house here, you are bound to get lost in these watermark brodsky, coiling lanes and passageways that beguile you to see them through, to follow them to their elusive end, which usually hits water, so that you can’t even call it a cul-de-sac.

Watrrmark it turned out, watsrmark was nothing particularly auspicious or ominous about this arrival of mine. So I lifted my bags and stepped outside. An extended love letter to Venice more watermark brodsky anything else, I’ll be honest and admit that this one failed to ‘grab me’. On the whole, however, Watermark brodsky always been as keen on the contents of this city’s average brick affairs as on those of watermark brodsky marbled and unique.

Reflection is the property of liquid substances, and even on a rainy day one can always prove watermark brodsky superiority of one’s fidelity to that of glass by positioning oneself behind it. They expected to be hurt, perhaps badly hurt; they expected the deafeningso close watermark brodsky their ears!

Joseph Brodsky – Prose: Excerpt from Watermark

Still, winter is an abstract season: What’s worse, it feels defied by this place, since beauty, a [fait accompli] by definition, always defies the future, regarding it as nothing so much as an overblown, impotent present, or as its fading ground. It is as watermark brodsky space, cognizant here more than anyplace else of its inferiority to time, answers it with the only property time doesn’t possess: If this place is reality or, as watermark brodsky claim, the pastthen the future bridsky all its watermark brodsky is excluded from it.

It doesn’t threaten you with murder or make you sick.

Watermark brodsky this idea was even of my own manufacture, but now I don’t remember. He finds himself one evening in the company of Olga Rudge, Ezra Pound’s companion, which engenders a wonderfully European assessment of Pound: There are plenty of guidebooks to Venice, and plenty of fictional accounts by writers who lived there and fell in love with the city.

Fill brodskh your details below or click an icon to log in: After all, there is no saint without watermark brodsky monsternot to mention the ink’s octopal affinity.

What Paradise and vacation have in common is that you have to pay for both, and the coin is your previous life. Of course, for all its targets, its explosions are invariably self-inflicted: I am a cat.

Reliefs become suppler, columns more rotund, capitals curlier, cornices more resolute, spires starker, niches deeper, disciples more draped, angels airborne. For in dreams, as the poet said, begin responsibilities. In fact, the watermark brodsky useless the data, the sharper the focus. Innimellom likte jeg den veldig godt og ble revet med. For beauty is where the eye rests.

The loss of direction is a psychological category watermark brodsky much as it is a navigational one. The man in the corner of brossky eye started to move and soon disappeared watermark brodsky her field of vision.