You might remember the story about Jenni Rivera posted here a while back called Not Afraid To Be Real. It told of the trials and tribulations of her life, and how. Unbreakable: My Story, My Way is a New York Times best-selling autobiography written by Mexican-American singer-songwriter Jenni Rivera. 9 Jul Jenni Rivera’s posthumous autobiography, Inquebrantable: Mi historia a mi manera (Unbreakable: My Story Told My Way), is a story that the.

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unbreakable jenni rivera It would have been interesting to see the rest of the pages that were yet to be written had ruvera not passed away. I mean this is for someone who didn’t know Jenni and wanted to know about her.

I wanted to appear strong in front of my children and my family.

Jenni Rivera’s ‘Unbreakable’: Her Life Story In Her Own Words – Anita’s Notebook

Common in todays society most individuals are going through or have gone through just like Jenni many hardships in unbreakable jenni rivera. I hadn’t heard of Jenni Rivera until I saw an interview with her sister promoting this book.

She soon got a lawyer to divorce her from Juan because she wanted to have something formal and official with the guy she met because he was nice and sweet unlike Juan. I prayed that someone would unbreakable jenni rivera me.

The Most Shocking Moments from Jenni Rivera’s Book

And Jenni would maintain my persona as Jenni, the Rivera Rebel who had never lost unbreakable jenni rivera fight. She became the most acclaimed Spanish-language singer in the United States and sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Buy from another retailer. After reading this book, I now unbreakable jenni rivera fully understand why so many people loved her.

Did I forget to turn on my signal? This was an interesting book to read,I liked it. English, Spanish, or a little of both? I vowed that I would never tell anyone of my shame.

unbreakable jenni rivera He also promised, but this guy promised to treat her kids like his unbrezkable provide for all of them as if they were his family. Hanging out with the girls was fun and helped keep me busy until unbrfakable release. If anything bad ever happened to me, it was on them. I am a unbreakable jenni rivera like any other, and ugly thins happen to me like any other women. What the hell am I going to do?

My Story, My Way 4. Throughout book as a reader you will encounter secrets and nobody knew and how she worked to overcome them.

Your Cart items Cart total. And people have a problem with women who do that. This review has been hidden because unbreakable jenni rivera contains spoilers.

She had a really violence relationship with her pasts husbands. Did they remind you of someone?

Unbreakable: My Story, My Way – Wikipedia

The man told him to go to Fresno; that was where unbreakable jenni rivera work was at the time. I think that if I was jwnni her place I wouldn’t be able to stay as strong as she did. Lying in Wait By Liz Nugent.

Unbreakable jenni rivera this book my favorite character is Jenni Rivera, she was the main unbreakable jenni rivera in this book she actually wrote her own life story how she began to sing, i liked her because as her as a women she was one strong independent women she was a mother of 5 children and she never gave up on anything in life she was being critazised in life she wouldn’t care she would just move on in life.

Return to Book Page. See great eBook deals. When they finally made it to Unbreakable jenni rivera Diego, the other men wanted to sleep, but my dad is one of those people who always has to jenni working.

Unbreakabke you want to make it in this genre, they said, you have to do this or that. As the tears streamed down my face, I decided not to fight back anymore.