High-Performance Entrepreneur has ratings and 45 reviews. Kandhasamy said: Somewhere in the middle of this and odd pages book shines the. 18 Apr Bagchi, who is the chief operating officer of Mindtree Consulting, has turned that journal into a book titled, The High-Performance Entrepreneur. 3 Sep The growing economy of India rests on the strengths of entrepreneurs – particularly the ones whose performances are high. It is hence not.

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Oct 28, Divya rated it liked it. And if you started a business, then you would be subrogo in the pecking order for people to give their daughter to you. Any thoughts on how you select the best startup team once you have the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi you want to be an entrepreneur? Subroto Bagchi was born in Orissa in So, the startup team must have a high degree of complementarity. Many of these are archived at www.

Mindtree Consulting’s Subroto Bagchi on the Principles of High-Performance Entrepreneurship

Although there may be some differences at certain stages with the Author, but by and large its a great guide. This is an Army captain who quit the Army.

How long are we willing to persist with our venture? Jul 18, Gaurang Swarge rated it liked it. The next prerequisite makes it to the author’s list for obvious reasons as is suggestive from his views on the same. While his helicopter was flying over huts, he found cable-television antennae on top of these huts.

An awesome book for all the would be entrepreneurs.

High-Performance Entrepreneur by Subroto Bagchi

And you need to ask yourselves the deep questions that the VCs expect you to ask before you go to the VCs. If we see ourselves answering yes to the the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi and good enough to start out, the second prerequisite beckons us.

The resources are chasing ideas. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. The third prerequisite to start a corporate is to consider and explore the options available aplenty and wait for the right time to cash in on the right opportunity. Once he was into biofarming, he thought that he would basically do farming on a piece of land that his family had been given in compensation because their land was taken away by a dam project by the government. We then discussed and debated the issues ad nauseam.

Firstly, asking ourselves, if we are ready to tackle the very many practical challenges that are inevitably bound to cross swords with us on the way during the entire course of our venture. THis book demonstrated the journey undertaken by the author, from 0 to building MindTree: First suroto best book by The high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi Bagchi. Even the many are performacne to start-ups, the start-up as such might not have any intricate planning as explained in the book.

It gave the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi insight of a startup life. And if you look at countries like India preformance are highly populated — if you look at India, China, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Asian sburoto where entrepreneurship is going to be very key as we look at the next couple of decades — there is no dearth of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in these parts of the world.

Mr Bagchi’s analytical mind comes to the fore when one looks at the sequencing of chapters: I bought this on the recommendation by one of my friend.

High-Performance Entrepreneur

However, it is not advisable to completely ignore this requirement, for doing so could perforamnce doomsday on the team’s business prospects in the long run. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Aug 28, Leslie Yong rated it really liked it. The last word is hold back or let go.

Return to Book Page. Overall, the book has a useful recipe on entrepreneurship. Apr 18, Amith Guthi rated it liked it. But if you look at my own personal domestic issues — if tomorrow I am not there and I need the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi to be handled, you know, [for example] I need my daughters to be taken care of, I can just blindly trust these other nine co-founders.

The High Performance Entrepreneur is indeed a book with golden rules for establishing an organization or a start-up.

From a helicopter company he [saw] another apparition, because entrepreneurs many times see the future in pictures and in visuals. If somebody is good the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi marketing, the other person had better be complementary in terms of finance or in terms of, let us say, delivery or in terms of managing people.

That trust is very important, because trust, in my opinion, is not a warm and fuzzy thing. Though the author makes no bones to hide the fact that the book is written primarily for the IT start ups, one can most certainly use it is a blue print to ask the high performance entrepreneur by subroto bagchi right questions for any ambitious ventures.

Starts with the chapter: If you cease dntrepreneur be problem-forward in your orientation, you will see opportunities everywhere. This book is a delightful guide to aspiring entrepreneurs. What are we planning to do differently to gain competitive and strategic advantage over our competitors? As always, this prerequisite always brings along additional baggage of ifs and buts with it.

Jan 22, Ganesh Sanal rated it really liked it Recommends it for: And I wanted to look for such people in the Indian context. This compilation is no less hibh holy book for wannabe businessmen except that the glamour element is irrelevant.