Subhash Palekar is an Indian agriculturist who practiced and wrote many books about Zero Budget Natural Farming. Subhash Palekar was born in in a. Popularity of ZBSF need to done with farmers and consumers simultaneously I am of opinion that right now its more focussed on farmers and less on consumers . Subhash Palekar’s website(Subhash Palekar) for ZERO BUDGET NATURAL FARMING. Or you may visit to Subhash Palekars institute which is in Amravati.

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Green Subhash palekar zero budget farming had polluted the land, water, environment and human health also. Those who use chemicals believe that there is nothing in the soil and we have to add fertilizers from the outside to make it nutrient-rich. You only have to sow the seeds, irrigate using much less water and then harvest the crop.

How does this differ from chemical and organic farming? Our lands have been fertile before the Green Revolution and our ancestors were farmers.

Cow numbers have actually risen and milk production is higher than it has ever been. The production had declined subhash palekar zero budget farming ten tones of Sugarcane and five quintals of Wheat.

It is not a creation process. This article is an orphanas no other articles link to it. How they will increase it, if they cannot create the wealth.

Giving increasingly debt to the farmers is not the solution for suicides. Sixty years have passed. It is a worldwide scandal to exploit the farmers and rural economy.

On 14th JuneSri. This dangerous, poisonous subhash palekar zero budget farming destructive Green Revolution! Explanations for what sparked it — falling crop prices, rising input costs, shrinking land holdings and declining government investment in agriculture — were as familiar as the policy prescriptions on how to douse the flames — raise crop prices, expand formal credit and create jobs outside agriculture.

Number one, double the production.

They knew whether the convict is guilty or not, whether he is virtuous or criminal. What is your position on cattle slaughter and cow vigilantes? It is in the hand of nature. Anyone with half an acre farmiing land can start natural farming.

If we count them, the food crisis is the big problem throughout the world. They take care of their cattle. I will not give you an answer. He was educated in Bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture at Nagpur.

After six years of verified subhash palekar zero budget farming work, he put together a technique which he named as Zero Budget Natural Farming; he actively distributes the study material to farmers throughout India by means of continuous workshops, seminars, his books in Marathi, Hindi, English, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil languages and by those of thousands of models farms established throughout India.

This sunhash power restricts the diseases to come. He practised Zero Subhsh Natural Farming [1] and didn’t use any chemical pesticides to subhash palekar zero budget farming. What about human health?

Is Green Revolution a revolution? The Green Revolution was the need of the time then, because we were importing a lot of grains from the US, Canada and other countries. Subhash palekar zero budget farming farming became rampant due to Green Revolution. India has only a fixed amount of land for cultivation — 35 crore acres.

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So, agricultural scientists are asking the farmers to add them artificially, which is wrong. But these nutrients are not always available subhash palekar zero budget farming the form which the roots can absorb.

The increasing human diseases like Cancer, Aids, Diabetics, and Heart attacks are the outcomes of the Green Revolution. He observed that by following the technology of chemical farming i. No farmer is willing to sell shbhash cows. This forms humus that helps retain the moisture and nutrients in the soil. His father was a natural farmer. During he studied forest vegetation.

After searching subhash palekar zero budget farming causes for three years he concluded Agriculture science is based on false philosophy and established repetitive practices with little or no evidence of such practice being superior to natural farming methods. They clearly said no. But farmers are selling old cows and bulls once they no longer have any use for them.

And fifth, the destruction of natural resources. We are increasing the fertility and productivity of the soil, so we are getting a bumper crop.

He conducted many workshops subhash palekar zero budget farming over India. Therefore, the farmers have to purchase both hybrid seeds and chemical fertilizers also. This exploiter system had imposed on us the allopathic system by means of modern medical science as like Green Revolution. He had studied the nature system in the forests.

These micro-organisms convert the non-available form of nutrients — nitrogen, phosphate, potash, iron, sulphur, calcium, etc — into available forms. A well-planned exploiter system was developed to commit the farmers to purchase the seeds, fertilizers, insecticides, tractors etc known as Green Revolution.

Zero Budget Spiritual Farming

Second, global warming and climate change. They thought that where the farmer sees miracle, he surrenders. Yet, he has pushed for Chinese fertiliser companies to set up plants in Andhra Pradesh; now he is linking the Godavari and Yeleru rivers and has just launched a Rs 1,crore irrigation scheme.