Once while roaming in saibaba temple, one of my sai friend gave me a copy of Shri Sainath Stavan manjari in tamil. I was pleased to see some one has taken. Blog Archive. ▽ (2). ▽ February (2). THE GLORIOUS CULTURE TRADITIONS OF INDIA · Shri Sainath Stavan Manjari A Humble tribute of pr. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 2. SAINATH STAVANMANJARI – MARATI Page 3. SAINATH.

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And your manifold nature. And, If perchance, someone’s life is short. Dull wits will be sharpened. Hail, hail to you, Sainath. Cow yielding all desires. You are the life-giving waters of Godawari. Saints, towards the good and stavan manjari in bad. All my talk is stavan manjari in philosophical statement. Thereby displaying to the devotees. Their blessing are like it’s fragrance.

The bed of Godavari.

From my sinful state? You partake the offerings of devotion.

Shridi Stavan Manjari APK

Protect me, protect me. To the thread which ties the garlands.

Truly encompasses the whole world. That is how stavan manjari in this world, They are identified. The sandalwood of true devotion. The diseases of many. Three sons of Bramadev who were born of his stafan mental conception.


Then, it is to the discredit of the “parisa”! And those weaves of doubts and delusions. Therefore, to distinguish that spirit.

Does the elephant consider as a burden? That I will always proffer. Stavan manjari in description is possible. But when I stavan manjari in you. Caste and majari have no relevance to you. Godavari has been in existence. Wars off my sorrow and worry.

I am full of vices within. The knowledge about your caste and creed.

Water that springs stavna in a hallow. No one is superior to you! A Stavan manjari in womana devotee of Shri. If it stavan manjari in really left unattended. Be warded off within a Year.

If this be not possible. From both you are free. I has acquired the qualities of the soil of those places. You are the refuge of the timid. One whose wife is Uma!

This hymn should be recited. In your form, OhSainath! That this hymn has been composed. Whosoever read with love. After performing all ablutions. Some call him a cowherd. On the contrary, the king was delivered.

Hail to Shri Sadguru Sainath Maharaj! Oh, abode of forgiveness and peace. Oh, incarnation of the supreme stavan manjari in, the best among men. Who will satiate the material desires readily.