Sadhu Chellappa is the author of Varnashrama Dharma ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 1 review) Sadhu Chellappa’s Followers (2) Sadhu Chellappa’s books. Sadhu Chellappa explains in simple terms to the ordinary people what the .. This is also followed in the design of a Hindu temple (see in the Bible the book. 9 Oct Sadhu Chellappa is an avid writer, Christian evengelist from South India who has written 28 books in Tamil and English language. He has.

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Sermon Podcast Audio Video. Soon after, he started sharing his testimony and preached the Gospel everyday. Why then do people persist in saying that all religions are good and lead sadhy one place?

If God, in righteousness, punishes him, He would not be a loving Sadhu chellappa books.

Sadhu Chellappa (Author of Varnashrama Dharma)

Thus He washes away the sins of man. Jesus Christ came to fulfill the Vedic quest of the Indian people chellpapa, because the Sadhu chellappa books are incomplete without Himjust as the Old testament was fulfilled at the coming of the Messiah. In some instances families persecute their members who embrace other religious faiths. Search Revelation The Aryan search for the God to whom they would offer oblation. God is not confused and He will never confuse His own people.

He is found sadhu chellappa books a sincere seeker opens the door of his or bools heart by faith and with repentance, offers booos Jesus Christ, a complete personal surrender. Billy Graham at the itinerant Evangelists conference at Amsterdam. But, is this the truth? It is clear that all religions cannot be the sadhu chellappa books.

Only God could come down to earth form heaven and in human form to offer Himself in payment of the penalty for sin.

Yea, the Lord shall give that which saduh Good” – Psalms Instead of waiting for the real to reveal Himself by His own grace to men, they formed their many gods sadhu chellappa books goddesses out of their own imaginations. Not satisfied with answers he left the Hindu faith and became an atheist.

Sadhu Chellappa

In the yearhe started publishing the Agni fire monthly magazine in Tamilwhich now is read all over the world by Tamil speaking people. The Vedhas, the ancient Indian sacred writings had anticipated the coming of Christ to take away the sins of man.

But, if all religions lead to the same goal, why do these things happen? Now he has 27 churches and pastors, four full-time Evangelists and an office with four faculties. Even the deities differ. God is love and righteousness.

It would be incorrect to say that there is one God of love and another God of righteousness. Within a few years, he had preached in all major cities, towns and villages all over Tamil Nadu. Sadhu chellappa books famous Tamil saint, Thirumoolar, who lived around A.

Some glorify self sadhu chellappa books others renounce it. After a series of failures he sadhu chellappa books to commit suicide. He was then interviewed and his life story appeared in the “Challenge” magazine published by Campus Crusade, U.

God sadhu chellappa books be found of such a person. Who takes away the sin of world. What is the result of their differences? It may be popular to say that all religions are one.

How then can all religions mean the same thing?

They call Him Purusha Prajapati the creator God who would come as a man to offer himself as a sacrifice. It pleases all and offends none; it permits everything and does not include a cross. In many countries people suffer on account of their religious sadhu chellappa books and some have even been martyred.

Man stands before God, full of fear, wondering sadhu chellappa books God would punish him or forgive him. The love of God proclaims, “This man realizes that he is a sinner and has come for forgiveness. Testimony – Sadhu Chellappa. Could it be boks this idea would kill the spirit of inquiry and analysis? Jesus said, “You shall know the truth and sadhu chellappa books Truth shall make you free” John 8: But, man by his own power and knowledge cannot see or know God.

They vary in concepts such as God, man, world, salvation, life, death, and life after death. In the temples, he found practices and beliefs contrary to the scriptures. If God, in love, ought to meet the demands of justice sadhu chellappa books at the same time shows mercy and love.

Looking for free sermon messages? The Gospel of St. It is the attributes of one and the same God which man has assigned to various deities.