Click on the links below: Naimatullah Wali (R.A) predeictions (Past) Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A) predictions (present) Naimatullah Shah Wali (R.A) predictions. 17 Jun Naimat Ullah Shah Wali r.a. is famous for his predictions, A rare scanned 19th century Divan of Hazrat Naimat Ullah Shah is found from. The bulk of his predictions are ‘traditional enemies will fight wars’, which is the easiest prediction in the world. Much of the interpretation relies on saying that.

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While predicting another bloody war he said: Yes, that is in the hadith. The writer must be a bhola who don’t know the pakistan army and it’s actions against muslims. N to all patriots.

Spiritual Pakistan

Allah knows the best. Anonymous January 25, at 2: This would be a punishment predictlons them from the Almighty Allah and the generations would remember them as the iniquitous.

There would be a lot of sedition, disturbance, violence and war in the region. Instead of suah the blog with something creative, you are just spreading your internal filth here and there. Shut up and go to hell u bloody mother fucker.

There should be NO shame in developing our national policies and political nimatullah based on spiritual intelligence. Shah Nematollah Vali Shrine. Bilal, Listen you moron, what do you know about naimatullah shah wali predictions in mercenary organization?.

Shah Nimatullah Wali

So there is a chance that actual date on 28th May was 30 Mohrram as there is always difference wall date from calendar. Imam Bari Sarkar k hath ka likha musem naimatullah shah wali predictions in rakha howa jis ma app ne farmaya ha k en pahariyon k irdgird 1 country wajod ma ae gi jiska name islam se hoga So it was an offensive act initiated by Muslims mentioned in the given verse. Nostradamus naimahullah in the preface of his work that he found important information contained in ancient books that were passed on to him by his grandfather.

If we believe they slept for years it means they will help Mahdi after years of Mughal Empire. It is the people like you who stood up with Mukti Bahni instead of Pak Army in and you are using naimatullah shah wali predictions in same approach today.

About the British rule in India he predicted: Part of a series on Islam Sufism Ideas. So predicfions are in blessed age and blessed part of Ummah.

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Yes, Download from below link English Translation http: It is not talking about Allama Iqbal. At that time the Christians would land in India disguised as traders and businessmen.

Keep doing your good work, You are among the best to confuse CIA: So He gave not only knowledge of future but also knowledge of past to His beloved friends. Shame on you, and Allah show you light.

Shah Nimatullah Wali – Wikipedia

Some of us support army because they hate politicians. It is talking about effects of Qadiyaani on ideology of Allama Iqbal about Mahdi. Anonymous January 23, at 8: Nostradamus predictions are famous and many predictions were true.

We are not discussing whole article but only this controversial point. Someone told me to look, I look and saw there are few horses standing and some people are on the horses. Research centre wai Prophecies in GHQ?? It is a beautiful work of art, Naimatullah shah wali predictions in plant colors decorate the walls of his private chamber, the place where he would stay and fast for 40 days and nights.

Anonymous December 1, at If you learn predivtions from that, you will repeat the mistakes, leaving Pakistan as just one individual! I can see thousands of riders accompanying the Christ and finally Jesus, the son of Mary Mariumwould kill Dajjal with his own sword.