5 Feb Sri Hayagreeva Stotram (click for video). shrImaan.h .. Thank you for this English transliteration with well explained meaning. ReplyDelete. Shri Hayagriva stotram is Hymn in thirty two slokas on Hayagriva, the Supreme God of learning in Vaishnava Sampradaya. Hayagriva Stotram was composed by . Swamy Desikan’s. Sri hayagrIva sthothram. Annotated Commentary in English By : 10 Slokam 9 of Sri HayagrIva StOtram. 11 Slokam 10 of Sri HayagrIva.

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Prayers to Him are particularly beneficial in these degenerate times when illnesses and sufferings are rampant due to the potent delusions of sentient beings.

Brahma was totally incapable of hayagriva stotram in english his srushti duties as a result of the loss of the vedaas. Hence, the VedAs that originated from You salute You adoringly as the primary source and the ultimate goal of this prapancham.

You also become their ultimate goal and destination. He spreads His nectarine lustre on the three worlds and renders them white. His dhivya mangaLa vigraham is like a hill made up of englsh spatikam gem crystal. Daily hayagriva stotram in english of this mantra is a highly beneficial technique for students to hatagriva their studies.

At that time, You present Yourself in the form of the manthrams that they recite and receive their Havis Oblations such as parched rice, pressed somA juice et hayagriva stotram in english directly.

There are no special restrictions or any rules for this Sanskrit mantra. He was dumbfounded and actionless. Inspite of it, adiyEn has come forward boldly to sing about those limitless glories. Recite the mantra during the day while doing your daily work. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. He is also considered the male equivalent of Goddess Mata Saraswati.

He is celebrated in the Puranas for hayagriva stotram in english the sacred Vedas from the demons Kaitabha and Madhu and teaching them again to Lord Brahma.

I am a fit object for Your auspicious and merciful katAkshams. He is usually depicted seated, with his hayagriva stotram in english hand either blessing the supplicant or in the pose of teaching. These VedAs are like big trees with many branches.

Hayagriva Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits

Copyright Sri Parakala Matham. Out of that moola prakruthi, You created MahAn-ahankAram and pancha bhUthams and gave them names and forms. The two asurAs by the name of Madhu and Kaitabhan stole those Hayagriva stotram in english from Your son, when he was temporarily distracted.

Afterwards, You pass on those tasty oblations to the Stotgam and make them fully contented. Ok No Read more. Before creation, this world was a shapeless and nameless mass moola prakruthi or avyAkrutham. His blessings are sought when starting the study of both secular and sacred subject. The principal root for all these VedAs un the manthram celebrated as PraNavam. Please consider me as one of Hayagriva stotram in english children with limited intellect and shower on me Your mercy-laden katAkshams inspite of my saahasam boldness.

If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. His left hand holds englih book, representing His role as a spiritual teacher. Oh, God who has a horse face, give me higher intellect. It is because of that the chiefs among DevAs enjoy their hayagriva stotram in english posts and positions without oscillations i.

Veda-VedAnthams are not composed by anyone. His beauty, like fresh cut crystal, is a fortunate brilliance that never decays.

Hayagriva Mantra: Lyrics, Meaning and Benefits – Awakening State

And let God Englisy illuminate my mind. SandhyA to drive away our inner darkness. They struggle even today in their efforts to describe adequately Your SvarUpam, ThirumEni and Your anantha kalyAna guNams; they cannot see the limits shores to the ocean of Your glories. Hayagriva stotram in english, You embodied them as well as entered into them as antharyAmi.

He is a central deity in Vaishnava tradition one of the major traditions within Hinduism.

Such is their magnitude of Your countless glories!