For EarthBound on the Super Nintendo, GameFAQs has 38 FAQs (game guides and walkthroughs). This walkthrough covers the main storyline of EarthBound, showing how to advance in the game and pointing out helpful hints along the way. Each section will. 12 Jan Complete Botanica: Earthbound Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Overview of full game with annotated screenshots from actual gameplay.

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The trick to getting past them is to talk to the ones that move fastest. Lift the cap to get a code K. If not go into the caves North of the Hot Springs. Pat yourself on the back. Then continue on your way to Scaraba.

ArrPeeGeeZ: EarthBound Walkthrough

Walk left and then up to get to the next mole. It is a bomb. Give the rock to Dr. Go down the ladder. Cloak of Kings, Sea Pendant, and other stuff.

Use the fly honey and every turn Master Belch will eat the honey instead of attack. Watch out for it’s Tornado attack. Examine the crate to access a HOP U. Take the bus to Fourside.


Go through portal F. As you walk around, the ground will occasionally rumble. Left 80, right 30, left 65, right 90 J. Then go back to the Exit Mouse area. Otherwise, continue on ahead. Check the can and you will find a jar Fly Honey You know, the kind flies make. Take the piece of the meteor and head back to Saturn Valley. Work your way though the swamp and you will see a yellow Helicopter Sorry, your blog walkthrugh share posts by email.

Go to Supply cave and examine Storage room. See screenshot for solution Z. Part 3 solution A.

Follow her around the hotel untill you are captured buy the ghosts and zombies. Jeff will fix it earthbounv it will head to Winters. Make your way though Stonehenge until you reach the prisinors cells along with Apple Kid. You will find yourself in a under grond base that looks like it was taken from Star Wars. Talk to the talking rocks and then proceed into the complicated maze.

Main Story Part One: Follow the path to the right pass up your house and keep on going right and then take the path south.

Magicant is the worls that earrthbound in your mind.

Go back to the meteor site, on the way you must fight. Remeber the path in the North Western graveyard that the zombies were gaurding?

Gold Mine Part Sixteen: Go to Forest edge. Exit the caves and go with the monkey the one outside the cave to the road. Set the controls to their proper settings.

The contact lens owner is on the second floor of the bakery. Exit though the hole in the back and enter the cave. Standing to the right of the theater are two band members, talk to them.

Go to Diving post. No just bash away! When the face appears answer “yes” to everything.