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Posted by M siva raman at Sunday, April 03, Specifies the library type of the component. Specifies the library type of the component Status: Usually a Production move involves a change man cycles which consists of.

The above is initial screen chahgeman before submitting cchangeman job of compilation and link edit. To access a particular package where you have the components to be edited or changed, note the Package number it will be usually like OIN, OIN PD – Print and Delete. The data set will be something like.

All the changeman controlled data sets will have a high level qualifier as OIN1. This component is included in the following packages: You notice so much its almost arduous to argue with you.

What does Compilation do ttuorial the component? HB5 Row 1 to 1 of 1. Specifies the date and time when the component was last modified Language: Procedure used to compile the component when submitting a job for compilation ID: Specifies the name of the component Type: Once this message comes when you are doing an online check out the same has been done by change man.

But ensure that before doing the Promotion the component is compiled tutoriak without any errors. AUDit trailing will be done for that package to make sure that everything is okay. Specifies the name of the component. The associated items include work data sets which are managed by changeman.

Then what follows will be compilation and Link-edit screen discussed previously. Enter S to select a DB2 subsystem and continue. Lot of useful points are there.

changeman –

This indicates all current and backup versions have been successfully updated. The menu itself is self explanatory regarding the options and their functions. Once a component is promoted, if the component happens to be a CICS program then you may have to do a NEWC in the respective test region to test for the changes you have made to the component.

For example, a payroll source member may be secured so that only payroll projects Pneumonic are authorized to access it.

Compilation and link-edit creates a load module in the package PDS i. Staging a component S1.

Use Y or N to select or deselect additional processing options. Specify the location of the component you want to stage in the appropriate fields and as in the check out option specify the library type and language of the component.

Newer Post Older Post Home. The below screen is the outline when you enter on the Turorial option. A change package must been in FRZ status before the Approval process can take place.

This is just a brief idea of how the changeman works. This function copies components into appropriate test libraries. Do the full cycle of compilation, even though you are sure that there will be compilation errors.

CHANGEMAN Tutorial – Study Material – Reference

Procedure used to compile the component when submitting a job for compilation. Coming back to the steps for checking out the component.

So depending on the type the sources for the baseline library are defined to change. All the rows gives information and component details regarding the package you are querying on. The following are the baseline libraries that changeman searches when you request change man to check out any component the type and the corresponding datasets searched are also mentioned. If it is yes change man prompts that the component is already checked out in another package specifying changemah package number.

If the program has a DB2 attachment then the next screen will ask you to select the DB2 system where the program is going to be attached.