We all know love matters, but in this groundbreaking book positive emotions expert Barbara Fredrickson shows us how much. Even more than happiness and . 28 Jan That’s precisely what psychologist Barbara Fredrickson, who has been explores in the unfortunately titled but otherwise excellent Love “Love ” a conversation with Barbara Fredrickson. Michael Edwards 5 August Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can be a force for.

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Instead, they meet adversity with clear eyes, superbly attuned to the nuances of their ever-changing circumstances.

The Big Idea: Barbara Fredrickson On Love

Micro-moments are all fredrifkson you – look up and truly connect with others. Is there any scientific basis for believing that love can be a force for change in politics and economics? She is well qualified to discuss the relevant research on love.

Psychology Personal Growth Category: You now know, through this rapid and non-conscious simulation, more about what it feels like to have smiled like that.

Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become

The boundaries between you and not-you—what lies beyond your skin—relax and become more permeable. The aim of the mindfulness practices within this book is to condition your heart to be more comfortable and familiar with warm and frdrickson sentiments.

But I have always leaned toward the radical acceptance mindfulness and equanimity side of contemplative practices and for some reason part of me feels kind of fake and new age when I do LKM. More than a sudden bonanza of good fortune, repeated brief moments of positive feelings can provide a buffer against stress and depression and foster both physical and mental health.

By listening to what your heart has to say, we can begin to appreciate love from a new angle. Positivity resonance has a broader meaning, but a nod to the earlier theorists would have been appropriate. The real challenge is how we can fredricksin love despite negativity, which is missed in this book.

Maybe fredrixkson will invent another term for those feelings, barbsra, when your loved one dies, or when you have to be far away for an extended period of time; she can keep it.

We know that people who are depressed or chronically lonely experience baarbara with another person almost always as a threat, whereas people who are enjoying better mental health see opportunity and connection.

Maybe my expectations were off: Perhaps it’s just to darn self serious. Or maybe I’m just a hopelessly cranky ol dick probably that. I promise when I am thinking of someone I loved who is gone, my body feels a lot of things, grief primarily right now, but there is also sensations of warmth, almost like micro-movements, and my muscles relax, and I feel more connected to the earth, and more aware of the people around me barbarz their non-verbal cues, and if you measure my oxytocin levels, maybe, just maybe, it would be comparable to what she has batbara in her PEP lab.

Want to Read saving…. Jan 24, Pages. Being able to see and appreciate others in their full humanity is something that we get lulled out of by self-absorption or by our increasing reliance on technology. De verdad que no. Trivia About Love 2. Finally, she introduces us to informal and formal practices to unlock love in our lives, generate compassion, and even self-soothe.

Sep 28, Keith rated it it was amazing Recommended to Keith by: I thought it was 2. the way Fredrickson talks about the science of love, the measurable data that can be tied to feelings and experiences of love and to human capacity to love.

When You’re Not Narcissistic Enough: Much much much worse! So consult the in your mind.

The vagus nerve —a nerve that runs from the brain to many parts of the body, including the heart and lungs—is also designed to increase love. Interesting perspective about fredricksonn supreme emotion supported by lots of references to studies done by both the author and others.

View the discussion thread. I think it is an emotion and an action, a verb and a fredrickspn. Photo from Wikimedia commons. You can truly care for someone, while that person hates you and vice versa. It felt a bit limiting, which took a star off for me, but was an interesting and engaging book.

The Big Idea: Barbara Fredrickson On Love 2.0

Books by Barbara L. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

I love making connections across areas like that but I also know how tough it is.