Document Name: ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment. CFR Section(s): Date of Action: AMERICAN STANDARD . Institute for issuance as American National Standard B on March 13, procedures are published in ANSI Z (R) (Safety. 23 Oct ASME B Safety Standard for Conveyors and Related Equipment. By: ASME International (ASME); Page Count: 33; ANSI Approved: Yes.

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Brotherton, Bay State Milling Co. Suspended Tray Conveyor, One or more endless chains with suitable pendant trays or carriers which receive and deliver packages or objects at one or more locations. A more general agreement among both manufacturers and users of conveying equipment as to safe practice in the design, installation and operation of such equip- ment would undoubtedly lead to further elimination of such accident hazards.

Section 10 Safe Operating Provisions The following operating rules are recommended for all con- veyor installations: Section 9 Related Structures Tunnels, Pits, and Foundations a Tunnels and pits should be designed for proper drainage and, if necessary, with sump holes and pumps furnished, Pits and tunnels should also provide ample space for the accumula- tion of spilled. Pfeiffer, Fisher Road, Jenkintown, Pa.

Shay, Zurich Insurance Co. One of several types of powered con- veyors used b02.1 regain elevation lost in gravity xnsi con- veyor lines.

Conveyor Safety Standards

National B20., of Mutual Casualty Co. Goad, The Oliver Corp. A scries of rollers supported in a frame over which packages or objects are moved manually, by gravity, or by power.

Log in to your subscription Username. Proper foot stands and hand holds shall be provided for’ two men ‘on; the. Section 11 Prime Movers and Controls ,’. Chain Conveyor, Any type of conveyor in which one or more chains act as the conveying element.

If ropes are changed before the above conditions are reached, they may be turned end-for-end t if aansi worn places do not fall again at a point of wear. A continuous curved trough over which bulk materials, packages, or objects are lowered in a substantially helical path. Closely spaced parallel tubes with right and left-hand rounded helical threads rotating in opposite direction on which bags of other objects are carried while being conveyed.

If the openings in the grating are larger or if no grating is provided, suitable hand rails are to be installed around the openings. The area around these devices should be b201. free of obstructions to permit ready access to them and a clear view of them at all times. A moving, endless, flexible, tubular- shaped belt which may be opened or closed to load or discharge while the belt is in nrotion. Coal Mining Institute of America G.

Conveyor Safety Standards

Large scale fire test British Standard This part of EN describes a method of test for the assessment of fire propagation along a conveyor belt when the belt is exposed to a heat source. Crossing guards shall be provided where the tramways cross highways, railways, or other public passageways.

Specifies, in addition to the general safety rules set out in ISOthe special safety rules to the following types of conveyors: However, for further accident reduction, safer Design, Installation, Operations, and Maintenance are needed.

This part of EN describes a method of test for the assessment of fire propagation along a conveyor belt when the belt is exposed to a heat source. Reference Table 2 This Standard is supplementary to laws and codes covering fire and health. Additionally, significant attention is paid to fire safety, with fire simulation flammability testing and fire resistance tests taking the spotlight.

Cableway, Slack Line or Drag Line Excavator, A cable supported system in which the supporting cable is adjusted in length to provide the lifting functions of the unit.

References Other Codes and Standards are cited.

If hydraulic or pneumatic equalizing device is used, provisions must, be made to avoid, or counter- act the effect of, loss of fluid in the system. Rope ends shall be arranged for complete and easy inspection, Track Cable System t.

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Suitable guards shall be provided toprotect per- sonnel from contact with moving parts. Special safety requirements for belts for use in underground installations ISO Specification for the safety requirements of armoured face conveyors British Standard 1.

The ‘ working load on chain or wire ropes shall not exceed that recommended by the manufacturer. The bulk material is conveyed and elevated H en masse” in a substantially continuous stream with a full cross-section of the casing.

The buckets remain in carrying position until they are tipped or inverted to discharge. Section 7 Design and Installation Accessibility and Clearance a Clearances for authorized personnel shall be provided where existing conditions permit.

Air Moving and Conditioning Assoc, Inc. Webb, Chairman Hi D. Gates and switches are to be designed to prevent conveyed materials from discharging into open areas. American Foundrymen’s Society E.

Full text of “ANSI B Safety Code for Conveyors, Cableways, and Related Equipment”

If a shear pin device is used, a description of the proper size and material of the shear pin should be placed at such a point on the conveyor that the operators can readily see it when replace- ment is being made.

Appurtenances Provide backstops, brakes, and overload protection to protect against equipment or product damage and personnel injury. Hoisting engine shali be located, so that the operating ropes have the proper fleet angle to the nearest sheave, which shall be oriented to lead to the center of the drum in the hoist.

Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. It is intended for manufacturers producing and marketing complete machines, and for manufacturers assembling new parts from different origins or assembling new machines even for their own use. Proceedings of an International Conference Submersible Technology: If it is necessary to operate the conveyor while servicing it,special safety, provisions shall be used.

The lubri- cation of the hauling rope should, preferably be continuous by means of a controlled drop feed from an oil reservoir at one or both ends of the line. Any type of transportable conveyor usually mounted on mobile supports.