Here’s the first big book of The Boondocks, more than four years and strips of one of the most influential, controversial, and scathingly funny. Filmmaker and author Michael Moore wrote the foreword to A Right to Be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury by Aaron McGruder, from which the. Here’s the first big book of The Boondocks, more than four years and strips of one of the most influential, controversial, and scathingly funny comics ever to.

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A Right to be Hostile: The Boondocks Treasury – Aaron McGruder – Google Books

I have man-love for Huey, and I’m not afraid to admit it. Boondocjs characters, good social commentary, good liberal politics; thoughtful and amusing; I didn’t get many of the celebrity referenced jokes, though, but I’m sure they must be funny. I was a fan of McGruder from day 1, and his jabs at racial and economic injustices hold lots of weight today. Huey Freeman, 10, is named after Huey Newton, a hostipe leader of the black panthers.

Newton and his younger brother Riley, a young want-to-be gangsta, the strip explores issues involving Aaron McGruder is an American cartoonist best known for writing and drawing The Boondocks, a Universal Press Syndicate comic strip about two young African American brothers from inner-city Chicago now living with their grandfather in a sedate suburb.

I must say that my overall impression of the book, was just what I had expected from Aaron McGruder. This was the only comic of any kind that enjoyed mass approval through the social cliques of my horrid middle school life. Through the leftist Huey named after Huey P. But Huey is just so damn revolutionary, and Riley is this unknowing cog in the black culture wheel Containing the earliest Boondocks comics, this volume is the longest of the three, the others being Public Enemy 2 and All the Rage.

Huey’s comic strip friends even razz him about his radicalism. Aaron McGruder, care of his very bright, aggrieved and [therefore] cynical main character, Huey Freeman, tackles subjects such as street and state violence, the environment, learning needs, mental health, and even our mortality, with incredible insight and wit.

And then I just picked it up to finish it, which became a trip down memory lane.

The strips are a gazillion times better than the show, IMO–but maybe that’s because the background hostlle Grandad whupping Riley, the drunken slurring of Ruckus and the incessant use of the n-word make me uncomfortable as a white woman.

Other strips have featured Huey taking on the Patriot Act, the run up to the War in Iraq, and the comparatively benign horrors of Star Wars: Enter Booondocks McGruder who is neither white, interested in not giving offense, nor toothless.

Bookslut | A Right to be Hostile by Aaron McGruder

Robert Freeman is the grandfather of two boys that were orphaned due to growing up in South-Side Chicago. This bookcover has a potent symbolism for me that really cannot be described. Nov 20, Jenny rated it it was amazing. He presets controversial ideas. I appreciate the truthfulness that he brings to subjects that may be taboo to some This series was the second and defining comic book of my childhood.

I Just wish the publisher would collect every Boondocks comic strip and put it into one oversize slipcase hardbound collectable edition then let me know it exists so I can buy it and put it next to my Calvin and Hobbes. Oh man, how much do I love this.

A Right to Be Hostile

No trivia or quizzes yet. This volume also includes caliber satire detailing the election of George W. Return to Book Page.

One of two collections of the daily Boondocks strip produced by Aaron McGruder. In fact, the attitudes boondocis actions of all the Boondocks characters perfectly demonstrate how ideologies creep into and affect the minds of chi for those unfamiliar with his work: I agree with most of his politics, and he does take an occasional and deserved poke at the Democrats, but if your politics lean conservative, this probably isn’t for you.

Louis Rich from boondockks home in Chicago to the white suburban enclave of Woodlawn.

The Boondocks daily comics are mostly awesome and this collects a chunk of them. It’s daring nature to address issues that most people would not touch with a thirty-nine and a half foot pole.

Show More Show Less. Jan 10, Tammy rated it it was amazing Shelves: For me though, it was just the excitement of getting my mom’s Sunday edition of The Washington Post and going straight for the comics. Dec 28, Joe rated it it was amazing.

Aaron McGruder literally draws a portrait of how Black America might be perceived both by its members and by those who never have and never will experience life as an African-American.

These two alone would throw the balance of the comic-strip out of whack so a third character is introduced that became the balancer and audience surrogate: Want to Read Currently Ne Read. I would definitely hand this to the kid who is developing a critical consciousness, and some strips are perfect for sta Many of the cultural and political references are now dated, so it would take a lot for a teen today to access most of these strips.